The Covid Surge and Our Response

When we restarted in person services in October, the elders and staff planned to monitor the pandemic and adjust to the situation.  If you have been following the health department news you’re probably aware that our local community is experiencing a significant surge in cases.  At the same time several among our congregation have contracted the virus. Last night the board of elders met to discuss the situation.  We reluctantly decided that it would be wise to suspend in-person services until the end of January and go to online services only. This decision is not determined by any government mandate, but by our sense of God’s leading in the situation.  We will revisit the decision after 2 weeks and see if we can prudently resume services before the end of the month.  We will keep the church office and facilities open for small group gatherings with appropriate protocols. 

We will launch the new series called JesusSpeak as planned and the stream of this week’s service will be available by 9 AM this Sunday.   

We resonate with your disappointment, none of us want to miss out on gathering together in worship and consideration of God’s word face to face.  I thank you for your patience and ask you to pray for healing for those who have the virus both in our congregation and in the community and for the virus to be eradicated as soon as possible. 

– Pastor Mick