CCC & Covid-19 Initiatives

This is a memo I never anticipated writing.  I am absolutely convinced of the Sovereignty, power, wisdom and goodness of God.  He has known of the current crisis since eternity past and has a plan that carries hope and glory into eternity future.  He has allowed mankind to discover medical knowledge and resources which can protect lives.  He designed our immune system to detect and counter harmful agents and intervenes with His divine healing power more than we realize. 

He also gives us minds and choices to make.  With the counsel of the elders and staff I have decided we will not hold regular services at CrossRoads this weekend.  I recognize that many may consider my decision and the actions taken in response to Covid-19 by other organizations to be overreactions.  I confess that my initial instincts lean in that direction.  However, I recognize my own limited knowledge of the facts and the fluidity of the information available.  In such a situation I would rather take the route of safety and patience, rather than presumption.  Given the open nature of church services, the vulnerability of some of our fellowship and the need to do what we can to limit any spread of the disease I feel this is the prudent approach.  We will reevaluate as information warrants.

Our plan for this week is to encourage you to access our service archives at our website,  and choose a message that you may have missed or want to revisit.  For your children we will be posting the links to their Sunday school curricula for elementary ages and leaders will contact the Jr. High and Sr. High students.  You can also make it a time of family worship.  The last session of Welcome Home will be rescheduled.

In case the situation warrants further restraint of public services, we will be preparing to stream digitized messages as planned, as well as worship music.  I am grateful that our worship arts team has developed this capability and we can apply it to “such as time as this”. We will also thoroughly sanitize our spaces and prepare to resume regular services.

As you might assume, our church expenses continue despite not having the services.  If you would normally give by check, please consider either mailing or looking into online giving by contacting Rochelle in the office.

In the meantime, our staff remains available and at work.  Please feel free to contact us and know that we are available to you and praying for you.  I also encourage you to stay in touch with one another, your ministry teams and with your small groups.

Whether this crisis is manufactured, over-sold or underestimated is unknown to me.  I am confident that God knows and that He will use this situation for His purposes.  I also believe there will be opportunities for us to represent Jesus in this—by choosing not to panic, to help others as we have opportunities and by praying for our world, our country and those in positions of leadership and influence.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email if you would like to discuss this with me directly.

Yours in Jesus,